Saturday, June 04, 2005

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Just like this, from below and behind. I'm sure that tight 18 year old pussy tastes deliscious.

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Friday, December 10, 2004


Get your lady friend a pair of soft, tickly furries for her pretty feet. Then have her give them back to you after a few wears so that her natural essence is inside of them. Sniff them, then use the soft furry parts of the slippers VERY SLOWLY to rub your penis. Bets to get soft soled, no heels furries scuffies (open or closed toed) that are furry inside as well as outside. Watch your favorite fetish video and treat yourself to the fun!

Thursday, December 09, 2004


Two words: rabbit fur. (A pelt.......not the actual freaking rabbit, you freaks.) Fold it in half and roll it up in a tube, slide it up and down your wanker. Not too tight, just light enough to feel the fur. And isn't that what we all want, guys. Just feel the fur.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


I like to use BBs. Find a jar big enough for your dick, fill it up with BBs (bought in about any sporting goods department) then start pumping away. I use a condom when I do it, I found it makes it better. I have also filled the jar with some KY Jelly from time to time, that's the best, but it can get expensive.


My favorite way to masturbate is to take a large sponge and put a hole in it large enough to insert my penis. Then put a plastic bag in the hole. I put the sponge under a bed or chair mattress to hold it tight. Then I put Astroglide on my penis and stick it in the sponge and hump away. When I cum my penis throbs harder than when I cum from intercourse. I get hard just thinking about it.


I love using a condom on my hard rock penis and sliding into shaving cream inside of a toilet paper roll. It's real, real tight, but well worth it. Then after you have cum, do it again. This makes double lubricant, cum and shaving cream. The shaving cream feels awesome.


I like to take a hair scrunchy from my girlfriend - wrap it under my balls and around my cock (Wrapping it twice increases the feeling intensely). I then like to heat up some oil in the microwave and slowly rub away. I explode after only minutes.


Once you get past the taboo of it, try inserting something thumb-sized into your anus, like a candle or something, while doing what ever feels best. Use lots of lube and run it under hot water first to make it pliable and warm. When you cum, your anus contracts anyway, and with something in there even just a little bit, makes it contract even harder and makes the orgasm so much more intense.


I like to use disposable diapers. First you get a couple diapers out and put them on the bed. Open up one diaper and put it over your penis and slowly move the diaper up and down on your penis. It feels really good.


Take a stuffed animal. Cut a hole where the pussy would be and tape a picture of a really hot lady on the face. Stick your dick in the hole and pump away. It feels just like you are having sex.


I take off the shower head, adjust it so that the stream of water hits just beyond the drain in the bath tub. I get my cock semi hard and push it between my legs, then lay on my stomach, with the thick stream of water hitting on the underside of my cock, just below the head. The intensity of the water makes me cum, every time, in a minute or two.


Position yourself so that a mirror only reflects only from the waist down. Now you can pretend that someone else is jerking you, since you can only see from the waist down. Or you can pretend you are jerking someone else... Not seeing your face, you are never sure whose hands are jerking you.


Get a coozie, one of those things you use to keep a beer cold, and make the little hole on the bottom bigger. Then, lay a pillow along the bed as a person would lay. Put the coozie under the bottom part of the pillow and fuck it. Since you'll be laying on top of the pillow while fucking it, your weight will hold the coozie down.


Lube your dick up with your favorite lube...Vaseline is good. Then put it in a sandwich back...not a zip lock. Go in between the cushions of the couch and pump away. It feels really good.


And when you're done, you get to pop them in the afterglow:

Get an 8 by 12 inch piece of bubble wrap. Wrap it around your cock. Then put some scotch tape around to help hold its shape. Slide it off and lube it real good. Then go to town. You can just wash it out when you are done and reuse it.


Just don't heat it up too much:

The best method of masturbation I have found is using a hot/cold gel pack, the kind you can put in the freezer or microwave to put on sore muscles. Warm it up in the microwave the suggested amount of time, then you can put it between the mattress or you can put scotch tape around it and move it with your hand. Just us some sort of lube, I prefer hair conditioner. The warm pad feels so great on your cock, it is unbelievable!


Insulate this:

Your nearby home improvement store sells lengths of foam insulation for 1" copper pipe, and it happens to fit on other similarly sized objects. You probably don't need the standard six foot length, but you can cut it to fit, lube it up, and slip it on. It feels great just walking around, and moving it around feels even better.


I wonder if this is good for the flowers:

Find a vase with the right size hole that your shaft can easily slide in and out of. Then lube up your shaft and also lube the hole of the vase. Next place the vase against the wall and start workin it until you build up to orgasm. You then can shoot your load in too the vase and its also very easy to clean.


I wonder if this causes blue balls:

Get a condom and fill the reservoir at the end (the little bit that collects your cum) with water. Freeze it in your freezer, then once it's turned to ice, roll the condom on . When you come, I swear you'll have no better feeling.


Get slimed:

My favorite way to masturbate is to purchase some Nickelodeon Gak. For those who don't know its a strange little gel substance that's really cold and slippery. It makes me feel like I'm having sex with an alien.


Not just fun but ecologically friendly:

Find a plastic bottle with a mouth the width of your cock. You can add things to the inside that might make it feel more realistic, but just the grip of a good-sized Gatorade bottle (64oz.'er) on my lubed-up dick... oh my god...

Here's the MAJOR thing, though, do NOT forget to do this before you start pumping: you need to cut a hole in your plastic bottle near the bottom lip. This way, the piston motion won't make a vacuum... for that reason, don't EVER try this with a glass bottle!!! It's a bad scene when the medics show up and you're bleeding, and there's glass with blood on it all over the place...


When you go shopping for the diapers, tell people it's for your newborn nephew:

Soak a disposable diaper in warm (not hot) water until it's "full". Hold on to it on one side letting all the absorbent material fall to the bottom. Cut an appropriate sized hole at the bottom and go at it. Careful, as it can be a bit messy. But, it's quite a nice feeling.


Sometimes it's good to keep things simple:

I like using just a nice, soft Kleenex. Just wrap it around your dick, then jack away. This keeps mess to a minimum, as you can use the Kleenex to catch your cum.


Be careful not to overdo it, we don't want freezer-burned balls:

Take a zip lock plastic bag and place about 4 to 6 ice cubes inside the bag. Zip the bag up and place the bag on your balls. You might want to also wrap a towel around the bag before placing it against your scrotum. As you begin to play with your dick the ice will begin to melt in the bag and also cool down the balls. If you want to cum in gallons this is the way. The cold cum that comes out is very refreshing and the cool cum is great to store for future use. The cold will hold the cum back and as it warms up coming up the shaft it is like there is no end to it.